Breaking the M.O.L.D. Program


Individual Cohort Meetings

September 22: UMD 
“Portable Leadership”
 -What is leadership?
 -What are my leadership values?
 -How do we set leadership goals?
 -What is a Leadership Plan, and how do I write one?

September 30: UMBC 

September 30: MSU 


August Opening Event 

Opening remarks by guest speakers, panels presented by Breaking the M.O.L.D. principal investigators and leaders-in-residence, workshop by Humetricshssinteractive sessions, closing reception. 

Arts and Humanities disciplines train their practitioners to understand the human experience as lived or performed, and in turn, cultivate important leadership skills such as imagination, compassion, and understanding. Breaking the M.O.L.D. initiative aims to develop a diverse set of leaders inclusive of these fields, and shaped by arts and humanities scholarly values and distinct skills. 

The main goal of the project is to break ground by creating a new training program for academic leaders on more expansive and inclusive leadership searches. Additionally we hope to build a potential model for how other state systems might generate partnerships between PWIs, HBCUs and HSIs to advance diverse academic leadership, inclusive of the arts and humanities.

You can see more images from Breaking the M.O.L.D. program opening event here: Media and Image Gallery